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Plastic Collection

As from the 15th May 2006 it is illegal to bury or dump farm waste or to keep it on a farm for a period longer than 12 months. It is essential to comply with this and to provide proof as to where your farm waste has gone. BG Pearce Ltd have been dealing with various types of waste collection for over 25 years and now provide a collection and recycling scheme for farm waste, which can also be delivered to our site. All of our collected farm waste is recycled properly and not sent to landfill. At BG Pearce Ltd we collect a wide variety of farm waste such as silage sheet and wrap, fertiliser and feed bags, netting and string, as well as tyres, spray containers/cans and metal alloy. (Please contact us by email or phone if you have any types of plastic not mentioned above). All plastic has to be separated into its correct types i.e. fertiliser bags separate from silage wrap and netting and string kept separate. If it is a mixed load of plastic, an additional charge will be made. Plastic can be collected and weighed into the lorry on the farm, so you can control how much plastic you have taken away at a time and you only pay for what we have taken away. We also provide a duty of care to provide proof that you have had plastic collected. Plastic can also be delivered to the yard with the same principles as above but for a cheaper price, although booking is essential.

If you have any questions or queries regarding our plastic scheme, or would like to have our
information leaflet sent to you please contact us.